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Name: MS. Zhang
Tel: +86-577-57198736
Fax: +86-577-57198736
Mobile: +86-13282451018
Add: Qiligang Yueqing City, Zhejiang Industrial Zone

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    Yueqing Dengrui Electric Co., Ltd. is specialized in high and low voltage electrical equipment and component manufacturing, sales and service as one of the new enterprise. Company is located in "China Electric Capital" Liu Yueqing City, close to 104 State Line Road. Water, land and air transportation is very convenient, is a freight train station located in Wenzhou, 50 kilometers away from Wenzhou Airport, close to Seven Mile Hong Kong port.
     The company's lead product for the arrester, harmonic elimination, fuses series, over-voltage protection, insulator, isolating switch series, the discharge counter, on-line monitors, from the series, wall bushing series, silicone rubber insulation shields, surge arresters mounting brackets, insulation brackets, brackets, etc.

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CT secondary overvoltage protector
TBP-O-7.6 motor neutral voltage protection device used
HY5WS-17/50DL-TB drop-arrester
HY5WS-34/85, HY5WS-34/90 24KV distribution type arrester
RW12 drop fuse insulated jacket, RW12 insulation sheath drop switch
Arrester insulation jacket
Drop switch, drop-out fuse insulating sheath
High and low voltage transformer insulation jacket inlet and outlet
Drop-arrester insulated jacket, insulated jacket removable surge arresters
XRNT1, SDLAJ, SFLAJ, SKLAJ series of high-voltage fuse
XRNT1-24, XRNT1-35 high-voltage fuse
XRNP1-35/0.5A, XRNP1-40.5/0.5A high voltage fuse
RN1, RN2, RN3-35/0.5A indoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses
LXQ5-6, 10 ultra-small a resonance eliminator
LXQ3D-10A, RXQ-10D closed transformer with a resonance eliminator
LXQ3-35A, RXQ-35 round a resonance eliminator
LXQ3-10A, RXQ-10 round a resonance eliminator
JS-III Used movement counter over-voltage protection
FSW-110/10 composite crossarm insulators
FS-35/5 composite crossarm insulators
FS-10/5 composite crossarm insulators
FPQW-35/5T20 composite pin insulator
FNB4-10/70-UD Composite Tension Insulator
Transformer jacket, drop switch, drop-arrester insulation jacket
FCGW, FCBW composite dry wall bushing 35KV
FCGW, FCBW composite dry wall bushing 10KV
HPRWG2-35/100A, HPRWG2-35/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse
PRWG2-35/100A, PRWG2-35/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse
RW5-35/100A, RW5-35/200A outdoor drop-out fuse
HRW7-10/100A, HRW7-10/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse